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Juan Morán Senior editor

Macromedia Freehand is a program to design illustrations and drawings, which may be printed or used for web design. It works by using vectors. This means that each dot in a drawing is a mathematical relationship. This program is similar to Adobe Illustrator. As Adobe is now the owner of Macromedia, this program is now being replaced with Illustrator, so a license can be bought with little money and it is a very good program.
The only inconvenience is that no updates have been made in the last 4 years, so it is not compatible with windows vista.
On the left side of the screen, there is a panel where all the tools available can be seen and chosen when needed. It has a very broad variety of tools. There is a pencil to draw, and a pen to make straight and curve lines. Scaling objects, 3D, perspective and many other tools are also available. There is also a zooming button and a drag tool. Tools are very similar to the ones that can be found on Illustrator.
Among the tools on the right side of the screen, the path can be set. The properties that can be changed are: stroke, add arrowheads, dots and lines and how the line will connect with other or curve.
It works using layers where different objects can be placed in different layers so as to have freedom or motion for each object in the composition. It also contains symbols that can be customized or created.


  • Lots of very good tools. Highly compatible with Flash. Colour options. Symbols.


  • Not compatible with Windows Vista. Adobe will not update it again.

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Facebook comments

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    Prem Badal Last year

    Windows 8 is not supported by Freehand MX 11.

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    Prem Badal Last year

    Why can it not be downloaded on my device?

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    Guest 3 years ago

    I have it at work running on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8 on my HP laptop. No lag, no loss in quality. The only thing it doesn't do is understand the scroll wheel. I wish they would just tweak it so it would work in Mountain Lion, then my life would be perfect.

All comments (9)
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